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  Its A KnockOut  

It's A Knockout

Corporate Events UK are proud to provide you with one of the most fun team building events - Its a knockout. Its a knockout will make any event or function fun and a day to remember.
Its a knock out Team Building

Its A Knockout

Knockout Wedges


Its A Knockout Events

Human Table Football

Gladiator Joust

Bungee Run Inflatable


Its a Knockout

Its A Knockout
Corporate Events UK Ltd is proud to offer you its a knockout the ultimate in corporate team building, public / private or charity fundraiser event.

It's a Knockout is an action packed fun event that is amusing for Participants and very entertaining to watch; ideal for fast and furious Team building Events Corporate Events UK LTD can guarantee your it's a knockout memorable and fun for competitive teams. Be Prepared for the best day of your life.

Corporate Events UK LTD now offer tailor made packages we will provide soft drinks (Tea, Coffee and Water) for All Clients

  • Challengers - You have to Challenge the opposing team.

    In this package: Sumo Suits, Hurdles, Gladiator Joust and Bungee Run.

  • Slippery Snake - You have to run though the wedges and Hurdles with a jug of water and see how much you have left at the end of it (Warning you will get Wet).

    In this package: Wedges with Pool, Stick Em Up, Squeeze Though, and Human Table Football.

  • Up Up and Away - You have to Run the Challenges that is put in front of you however silly you may look.

    In this package: Gladiator Joust, Wedges, Hurdles, Sumo Suits, Assault Course, Volley Ball, and Event Slide.

  • What's the Word - You have to find the letters and work out what the word is!

    In this package: Stick Em Up, Squeeze Though, Wedges, Gladiator Joust, Surf Board, Human Table Football and Bungee Run.

  • The Grand Finale - Run the Assault course and see what's there.

    In this package: Splash and slide, Sumo Suit, Squeeze Though, Stick Em Up, Wedges, Hurdles, Rodeo Bull, assault Course, Human Table Football, Event Slide, Skis.

  • The Ultimate Challenge - This is for the real fit ones.

    In this package: Hurdles, Wedges, Stick Em up, Squeeze Though, Sumo Suits, Gladiator Joust, Volley Ball Bungee Run Pro Slide.

  • Easy Does it - The aim is to win and to not let the bull throw you.

    In this package: Crates, Relay Race, Rodeo Bull, Human table Football, Volley Ball.

  • Shoot em Up - You will be Chased around with a catapult and sponges who ever ends up the driest wins.

    In this package: Skis Stocks Bungee Run, Event Slide, Assault Course, Catapult.

  • The Olympics Tryouts - Well what can we say it's the Olympics of Course you will have to find out what is in store.

    In this package: Wii Sports, Assault Course, Relay Races Human Table Football, Gladiator Joust, Sumo suits, Penalty Shoot out, Jenga and Connect 4.

    Crazy Olympics

    Here at Corporate Events UK we understand that companies are tightening the purse strings . We don't want YOU to miss out because of this so we have put together a cheaper "It's a Knockout Package". This package still includes all the fun and team building of the other packages but it is catered for these difficult times. The package is called "Crazy Olympics" Simply because it is crazily fun. The games included are, Flipper football, Dodgy Ball, Bucket full....or not, Crate a lot of fun, What a plank, Get that ski feeling, Cone It, Flip out & Barrows of Fun. The event will run for up to 5 hrs including breaks and will include water & Tea or Coffee. This package is suitable for 12 people all the way up to 60.

    The Games Include:

  • Flipper Football - It's like 5 a side football but how easy will it be with flippers on your feet.

  • Dodgy Ball - Same as Dodge ball but 2 of you will be tied together at the legs, now see how you work together to dodge the balls, once you are hit you are out. The team with the most people left after 5mins will receive the winning points for that game

  • Bucket Full...Or Not - You will have a bucket strapped to your head and your hands tied behind your back and you will have to try and catch as many sponges in the bucket that your team member catapult's them at you. The sponges will be full of water so you will get wet!

  • Crate A Lot Of Fun - You need to try and get yourself and the crates from one end of the track to another whilst holding certain objects and standing in the crates, there is a glitch that your feet and objects are not allowed to touch the ground.

  • What A Plank - Using our ball pond filled with different coloured balls the team members will need to collect 12 of their own coloured balls. The fall back is that you can only have 3 at a time and you need to balance them on a plank! The team to get all 12 balls in the bucket after the whistle has been blown win the points.

  • Get That Ski Feeling - You have to work as a team to walk the skis through the cones and back again.

  • Cone It - Collect your coloured cones whilst being shot at by water catapults or water balloons.

  • Flip Out - This is just like penalty shoot out but see how many goals you can score with flippers on your feet.

  • Barrows Of Fun - You have to keep as much water in your bucket as you can from one side of the track to the other, the fall back on this, is that you will be in a wheel barrow wheeled by a team member, and also your bucket will have holes in!!

    Please call Corporate Events UK Today to book to avoid disappointment.

    Or you could make your own it's a knockout package

    • Package A pick 3 items from category 3, pick one from category 2
    • Package B pick 4 items cat 3, pick 1 item from cat 1, pick 2 from cat 2
    • Package C pick 6 from cat 3, pick 2 from cat 1, pick 2 from cat 2, pick 1 from 5
    • Package D pick 2 from cat 5, pick 2 from cat 2, pick 1 from cat 1
    Other packages

    Package fun and wet includes, Hurdles, 2 wedges, paddling pool, stick um up, squeeze through, splash and slide, water catapult.
    • For the ultimate relay to push your self's to your physical limits
    Extreme challenge assault course, Pro Slide, Hurdles, Squeeze through, 2 x Wedges, connect 4

    The is very physically challenging the idea is a relay race you start with a connect 4 piece run the whole gantlet and at the end place your connect 4 counter. Then run back through the gantlet, tag your team mate and they do the same. The winner is the team to get four in a row, but beware your opponents will block you.

    You can add extras on to the physical challenge if you dare.

    All of our "its A Knockout Packages" include fuel and generators, plus a sound system including music and a roaming mic.

    Each team of 8-12 people will take part in separate 10-15 minute challenges against varied opposing teams . Teams will rotate around the activities, if the activities is successfully achieved within the 15 minutes you will get a fantastic 50 points, with additional points being awarded for brilliant team work.
  • Event Category Description
    Wet or Dry    
    Hurdles 3 The hurdles is a inflatable with four hurdles and tunnels.
    Wedge 3 The wedges is an inflatable, try helping team mates on to it whilst it is covered in foam it's a real challenge.
    Wedge with pool 3 Wedge and a pool great foamy fun.
    Stick em' up 3 This is inflatable it can be covered in foam. You have to find the letter and work out the word.
    Squeeze through 3 This is an inflatable wall you have to squeeze though the hole of the wall.
    Wet Only    
    Stocks 5 This is great revenge on your boss, parents or team mates. This will get their heads soaking wet whilst their stuck in the stocks.
    Splash and Slide 3 Fast, wet and wild. Run and slip down the inflated runway that's covered in water.
    Catapult 5 Try catching the wet sponges in the bucket but be careful not get to wet.
    Dry only    
    Extreme challenge assault course 100ft 1 This inflatable is to test even the fittest people if you pass this easily try going though it the other way.
    Giant pro slide 1 The pro slide is the biggest slide we have standing at a enormous 8.5m high and 12.5m front to back this is not for the faint hearted.
    Giant event slide 2 The event slide is the smallest of the two the side stands at 6.5m high and 10m front to back.
    Human table football 2 Human table football The members of the two different teams are all attached to poles though the table facing each other as on a normal table the players have to battle it out whilst only being able to move left and right.
    Bungee run 2 This is great for a bit of competition. Two contestants are each harnessed up they have there own lanes the challenge is to see who can place the coloured battens the furthest.
    Sumo wrestling 3 Sumo suits are great fun you have to put on these enormous suits and knock each other out the ring or over.
    Gladiator joust 3 The aim of this game is to knock your opponent of the podium this comes with a 24x22' inflatable bed 2x pugal stick and 2x head guards.
    Volley ball 2 The inflatable volley ball is very similar to the normal game the only difference is it is on a massive inflatable and you get to bounce around a lot its not as easy as it sounds.
    Crazy Rodeo Bull 1 The crazy rodeo bull is great fun we have made the rodeo bull extra fast to test all you cowboys / cowgirls to the extreme.
    Cazy surf board 1 The crazy surf board is great fun. We have made the surf board extra fast to test all you beach guys/beach babes.
    Extras Skis 5 This is to test all of your team work you have to work as a team and travel as one.
    Crates 5 This games is great fun if you can work as a team you will have to carry certain objects and move as a team but if you drop your item you will have to pay the consequences.
    Relay race 5 This is great not only do you get to race you also get to cheer on your team and every one is involved!!!!

    We strongly recommend that all outdoor activities have a medic or first aider to hand. We can supply medics or first aiders on request. All Team Building and Family Fun Day Events will have a medic or first aider on site as part of your tailored its a knockout package.

    Contact us today at Corporate Events UK for a quote or for further information in team building events or It's a knockout in London, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Europe.

    Gladiator Joust
    Gladiator Joust
    Human Table Football
    Human Table Football
    Stick Um Up
    Stick em' up
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